Helen Zille

Freedom of speech doesn't exempt a person from having to face the consequences of saying something offensive, such as being fired.
Helen Zille is due to face a probe into her tweets defending colonialism.
"Kill thoughts and you kill our ability to prove wrong the many values and beliefs that are out of kilter with our Constitution."
Helen Zille is hardly unique as an exponent of liberal kitsch, but her unusual candour is useful because it makes manifest what is often implicit.
Zille wrote an article explaining herself, and erm, we'll let you decide for yourself.
Her frequent outbursts, and playing fast-and-loose with history when it suits her, undermine Mmusi Maimane's party rejuvenation efforts launched last year.
"You should understand that most people will not have read your book, and will not understand that you made sacrifices to fight for what you believe in."
It is partly their fault that Helen Zille’s racebaiting has come to replace the party position in the minds of the people.
'It's not ideal to have a serious discussion on colonialism in 140 characters.'
She's a cold-hearted racist, says the EFF. She's a colonial apologist, says the ANC.