Helen Zille

Ralph Mathekga: 'She has just written her own dishonourable exit from South African politics.'
The former DA leader urged South Africans to see a positive side of colonialism too.
Because let's face it, it's going to keep happening until her party reins her in.
Zille asked: “Why is it ok to racially classify people for jobs, but not to identify people at a table by their race?” Here's why.
Worse, there's a "social media gestapo" within the party that watches everyone else like hawks, says the former youth leader.
There were many contenders, but the contest for the act that best sanctified the memory of Nelson Mandela was won by the handshake of Barack Obama and Raul Castro. That two such men could, but for a moment, be so cordial and content with one another attests to how he was regarded by so many sides. The eulogies and the emotions expressed by South Africans of all colours exhibited how much Mandela did for his people.