Helicopter Parents

As I browse around a lot of the parenting websites that I often frequent. The term 'helicopter parenting' has come up quite a lot. At first I thought the term was quite funny and more tongue in cheek about parents who can sometimes be a bit paranoid when it comes to their little darlings. However, I quickly learnt that there was a lot more to it than that.
Now, as the business community struggles with the long-term outcomes of helicopter parenting, it's become clear that the ideology of wanting better for our own children than we had has come at a price. In our effort to keep our children close and protect them, ironically, we might have damaged their long-term career prospects.
Parents involve themselves in every aspect of school life, from running in every time their child has a problem, to falling over themselves to be parent helpers on school trips. And it doesn't stop at the school gate; so afraid are we of our kids making mistakes or doing things wrong that we hover over everything they do, like some kind of over-zealous quality control system.
School education is regimented by time constraints, issues of discipline and authority. Whereas, home education is tailored to the needs of the individual child. On the flip side of homeschooling, children's curriculum can be bound by their parent's own knowledge and life experience... The consequence of this may be limited access to work and life opportunities.
Lately I've been reminded of revelations by one of the nannies for the Brangie Bunch. Apparently Angelina disappears down to basement for hours to work out while the nanny has to look after the kids. Oh fer feck's sake!