Hello Lamp Post

As any honest city dweller will tell you, the flashing lights, crowds of people and constant sirens found in urban environments
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Designing ‘playful’ systems doesn’t sound like terribly hard work; in fact designing systems for enjoyment and recreation
Presented by Microsoft
Hello Lamp Post asked Bristolians to look at their city anew by communicating with lamp posts, post boxes and other familiar street furniture. By texting hello and the unique code found on each object.
A swarm of digital lamp posts you can talk to via text message are to be installed in Bristol next month as part of a 'playable
While there is certainly merit in "seamlessness and efficiency", at Bristol's Watershed we wanted to do something with a little bit more joy in it. As a counter-point to the 'Smart City', we have been exploring the notion of Playable Cities, bringing artists, designers, technologists and academics together.
A plan to turn Bristol into a city of "secret, digital conversations" by allowing people to talk to lampposts, post boxes