Help Refugees

'I hate Isis more than you. Believe me, you don't hate Isis like me.'
"I'm not terrorist. We hate terrorist," Hawree, a 28-year-old refugee, tells me. He has heard newspapers have reported so
'I want to see my mum but as soon as the war stops I'm going to go back'.
Two years after Hasan* fled his home in Syria and six months after he arrived alone in the Calais 'Jungle' camp, this teenage
'We know already it has had terrible, fatal consequences for children'.
After three months waiting in squalid refugee camps in northern France, Masud, 15, had finally lost faith his claim for asylum
He messaged a volunteer at a charity to say he was running out of oxygen.
A seven-year-old Afghan boy was rescued from a lorry after sending a text saying he feared he could suffocate. The boy, who
'All Mohammed was trying to do was to find a better life and he felt this was his only option'.
A teenager who died when the lorry he was travelling aboard crashed is believed to be the first refugee killed in Britain