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Fundamentally, what we choose to spend our resources on - both as individuals and as a society - tells us a lot about the sort of people we are and the sort of society we aspire to be. The message of the report is very simple. Smarter investment can lead to better outcomes. The case is compelling. Show us the money for genuinely affordable rented homes and housing associations will get on with the job of building them. Maybe it isn't so complicated after all.
Us Brits are obsessed with owning our own homes and millennials are no exception. The problem is while our parents managed to get onto the property ladder in their early 20s, young people beat themselves up for being nowhere near that point.
In another blow to young Brits, details have emerged that the former Chancellor George Osborne's flagship savings scheme, the Help to Buy Individual Savings Account (ISA), is not all it's cracked up to be.
From the letters I receive I know that buying a home is a priority for most young people but the biggest rule is to only borrow what you can really afford. Clearing debts before you begin the mortgage process is vital and then you can start looking for your dream home with a clean slate. It will happen!
The graph below shows how the prospect of owning a home has dramatically eroded since the Second World War - and that the
First-time buyers are having to boast salaries of more than £100,000 - almost four times the national average - to take advantage
The "American Dream" is a term that we've heard thrown around for many generations as a symbolic representation of exactly what Americans can achieve in life with equality of opportunity. However, nobody really talks about the British Dream, despite the fact that it does exist.
When you first move out of home, there’s no question for most people that renting is the most sensible option. Throughout
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Establishing a definitive strategy with regards to property and estate agency legislation is no straightforward matter. The fact that house prices are influenced by market forces will always mean that tinkering with the system is inherently complex and, indeed, risky.
Infographic courtesy of Statist The new savings account will give people wanting to get on the UK property ladder the chance