By finally visiting Bilbao and San Sebasti√°n, I fulfilled a long-held ambition. The Basque Country, and particularly San Sebasti√°n, has loomed large in my consciousness ever since I read Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises.
Art making can be seen as intimidating, but these sort of events uncovers the myth and just let you jump to what you love most. Making mistakes is just part of the learning process and the benefits of expressing ideas, and recording what it is around us, should be the main drive to join such a magical journey. So, what are you waiting for?
From the frozen north to the steamy south, and from the buzz of New York to the Pacific Ocean, America's landscapes have always inspired its authors.
Communication's completed a huge curve of development and returned to a medium that drives brevity and encourages short cuts, leaving little room for chatty content. That said, it's become an art from that's produced some classic tweets that come close to Hemingway's famous, poignant six-word story: "Baby shoes for sale, never worn."
This week brought the charming news that a group of Chaucer enthusiasts are planning to mark the 625th anniversary of the
In Brideshead Revisited, which is suffused with sex, the only mention of breasts refers to slices of chicken, breast pockets and Lord Marchmain's breast as he makes the sign of the cross. The solitary reference to thighs is when a man breaks one of his on board ship after falling over while drunk.