Henri van Breda

The Western Cape High Court is expected to hear Marli van Breda's future care arrangements and whether the current curator's appointment should be extended on Monday.
Henri van Breda is just the latest in a long line of murder cases on the minds of South Africans this year.
Axe murderer Henri van Breda appeared unmoved as Judge Siraj Desai appealed to his defence to give a "human factor" to the defence's appeal for leniency in light of the "grotesque nature" of his crimes.
Sentencing proceedings of convicted murderer Henri van Breda are expected to start in the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday.
Henri Van Breda's version of events was ultimately found to be untrue, and these were his most unconvincing tales.
"An axe would be a peculiar choice of weapon for a burglar or thief to take along to the intended crime scene."
Van Breda pleaded not guilty to axing his parents and brother to death, seriously injuring his sister Marli, and defeating the ends of justice.
It's unclear whether these wounds were self-inflicted.
"I am inches away from losing it with them and breaking down completely" a court heard he said.
The responding officer said triple murder-accused Henri van Breda did not seem traumatised when he arrived on the scene.
"All we want is closure", says a former neighbour of the family on the luxury winelands estate where the prosecution alleges Henri van Breda hacked his mom, dad and brother to death.
"I am not a fast runner and did not think I would be able to catch him. I then threw the axe at him," claimed murder-accused Breda.
Henri Van Breda told the court the attacker was laughing as he went for his father.