“Hundreds will die before this inquiry ends, hundreds of people will go to their graves with no sense of justice.” The contaminated blood scandal is the biggest disaster in NHS history, in which thousands of Brits were infected with HIV, hepatitis C and other deadly blood borne diseases. HuffPost spoke with the victims as the long awaited inquiry opened.
Thousands died after being infected with HIV and hepatitis.
Now PM backs Bill to protect 999 staff from assault
A new law to protect emergency workers from assaults has won the personal backing of Theresa May after police, paramedics
The supermarket that unintentionally may have infected thousands of people with a pig virus which causes liver and neurological
But the big chain has yet to be identified.
A major UK supermarket may have unintentionally infected thousands of people with a pig virus which causes liver and neurological
I was diagnosed with both HIV and Hep C in 2010. In November 2016, I sat down in my HIV and Hep C specialist's consultation room. I thought this was a routine consultation, but my specialist had some great news for me. A turning point had been reached in terms of access to the new direct acting antiviral (DAA) treatments for Hep C.
'Paracetamol is the world’s preferred pain remedy.'
Scientists claim to have shed new light on how the common painkiller paracetamol causes liver damage. They believe their
As duty bearers of human rights, it is the responsibility of states to ensure that their citizens are able to realise their rights. The High Level Panel's recommendations are set to come out in June and will be addressed to heads of state. It is yet to be known whether these recommendations will have an accountability mechanism attached to them so it may well fall to civil society to hold governments to account.
A young woman has contracted hepatitis after drinking three cups of Chinese green tea per day. Doctors have now warned of
A lollipop company selling bourbon, bacon and chocolate pops has added another avant garde flavour to its arsenal – breast
We are not doing enough. There are tens of thousands of people in the UK like im, living with hep C but not knowing. We are not doing enough to diagnose these people. We are not even diagnosing enough to keep pace with new infections each year.
Women struggling to conceive should be offered IVF treatment into their early 40s, the National Institute for Health and
A Government consultation will determine whether restrictions on NHS workers with HIV should be relaxed after a review found
Scientists may have come closer to discovering a vaccine for several types of cancer, after finding further links between