There are established practices which must serve as a foundation for the construction of a common South African identity.
The University of Cape Town's Zamani Project is capturing the continent in 3D.
Johannesburg's most passionate heritage activists have spent the past few days looking back on the infamous 1930s Park Station
A historic photo album on auction this month gives a sense of Johannesburg in the late-Victorian / early-Edwardian eras.
From "mokgankgara" to "pusillanimous", they got their tongues in a twist.
The liberation of Mosul is proof of the incredible effort and sacrifice that went into driving out Daesh. Along with this, it has highlighted the bravery and resilience of the residents who, despite hailing from different faiths and backgrounds, all joined together to reject the oppressive doctrine that almost put an end to the city itself.
And it all begins with the first stories we introduce our children to. The ones that open up the doors of possibility to what lies ahead and which stoke their imaginations. The inspiring, the educating and the delighting - as they learn to turn the pages one at a time.
Cities are the hotbeds of culture, ideas, commerce, science and social development. The UN has estimated that half of humanity
My children are the speakers of tomorrow, the next generation. I want them to have a voice. I want to prepare them to deal effectively with the difficulties of the world today and to stand up for themselves and their beliefs.