Herman Van Rompuy

British exit from the European Union would like an "amputation" the former president of the European Council has warned, as
David Cameron has "fucked up" his handling the European Union and has fallen for the "stupid propaganda" of eurosceptics
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All three parties jostled to claim the credit for David Cameron's historic negotiation for a cut to the EU budget - with
European leaders have agreed a cut in the EU budget after German chancellor Angela Merkel sided with David Cameron's demand
The five things you need to know on Friday 8 February 2013... 1) 'MISERY AND HARDSHIP' So the real villain of the row over
Should social democrats (like myself) be quietly thanking David Cameron for delivering us an early Christmas gift by blocking the passage of a bloated and wasteful EU budget? Not quite, if Santa Cam has his way this gift will be a Trojan Horse.