highly sensitive people

We get overwhelmed and exhausted more easily than you do.
Over the last four years, we have crossed the globe seven times as a family. I know a lot of travellers who will scoff at that, but personally, I'm very impressed with us.
Have you ever wondered why the most prestigious areas in the city are usually the quietest? Why executive business lounges in the airports have no bright screens/ads/loud music/shouting announcement (very different from normal waiting areas)?
Although most businesses want their people to enthusiastically burst with new ideas, they use very limited ways to create
Being overwhelmed simply means you are being temporarily bombarded by 'too' many emotions and thoughts all at the same time. It doesn't mean you are weak, incompetent, stupid, unable to cope, or a personal failure. It means you are human.
Burnout in your 50s? Oh it's very real. Life can have you feeling both fearful and disappointed. It was supposed to be different by now, I was supposed to be different. You can almost hear Peggy Lee singing "Is that all there is?"