highly sensitive

Over the last four years, we have crossed the globe seven times as a family. I know a lot of travellers who will scoff at that, but personally, I'm very impressed with us.
Meet my BFF Denial. She has helped me in so many ways throughout my life, both personally and in my business. I could always
Visualisation! Imagine a big ballroom and at one end is a gorgeous velvet and gilt throne; make it any colour you want. This is where you need to be, this is where you are headed. It is from this throne that you will direct your life. See yourself walking straight down that red carpet, donning your tiara and taking your seat. Sit tall, settle in and make yourself comfy.
A few years ago, I heard a term that made a lot of sense to me. Actually, that's not entirely true, at first it made me roll my eyes at yet another -ism entering the vernacular. I wondered whether the world really needed another label to navigate round, until one day, to my shame, I realised that the label, quite literally, defined me.
The Burnout Queens love Love; big Love, small Love, puppy Love! Of course we are talking about Love today! In past years we've 'done' Love (with a capital L), we've definitely talked about self-love and yes we have even explored the steamy kind, but love of work, loving what you do, is not necessarily the dot that gets connected to hearts and flowers.
Have you ever wondered why the most prestigious areas in the city are usually the quietest? Why executive business lounges in the airports have no bright screens/ads/loud music/shouting announcement (very different from normal waiting areas)?
The mind chatter appears, the worries kick-in and the fretting starts: tension, anxiousness, pressure, and dread. Personally, I get knots in my stomach, feel like I can't relax or have fun and usually suffer a night or two of restless sleep.
Although most businesses want their people to enthusiastically burst with new ideas, they use very limited ways to create
Come to think of it we have been raised and trained to take decisions very very seriously. We were told, "If you make the wrong decision the sky is going to fall!" Oh, ok, not in so many words, it was probably more subtle, more like...
One of the things that leads to burnout faster than anything is being in a lousy fit job! We've probably all been there at one time or another in our working careers (I know I sure have). So, how do you know if you are in a lousy fit job? Well...
Like we said, sticky wickets, but the majority of our angst comes from cultural attitudes and beliefs about what is the 'right time' in life. That attitude is just sooo old! It is time to throw out the rule book. Give up the notion of 'right or wrong'.
As women we were raised and trained to be modest, no bragging, not to be conceited, maybe even not to stand out or rush to be first in line. So guess what, you are justifiably not comfortable blowing our own coronet! But it's time to change that, 'cause after all, where does it get you! Absolutely nowhere.
I gave up perfectionism decades ago! What a relief. However, I will unapologetically try for 'perfect' on some things, like making sure there are no typos in this article. (Now I know for sure some perfectionist out there is going to search for one...should I give them one?)
Do you approve of yourself? Do you approve of the way you live your life, your choices, how you treat others, conduct your relationships, how you take care of yourself, your level of honesty, your career choice, or your values? If you don't, hello disillusionment...hello Burnout!
Burnout in your 50s? Oh it's very real. Life can have you feeling both fearful and disappointed. It was supposed to be different by now, I was supposed to be different. You can almost hear Peggy Lee singing "Is that all there is?"
We have an easier way of unravelling what can seem like a myriad of sometimes vague, and often convoluted, emotions. You see, the majority of emotions we experience in response to stress and pressure usually have something to do with four general emotional themes.
Burnout from under-performing leads to a loss of energy, interest, and enthusiasm. It can also cause anxiety, stress, negativity, and at times, even depression. Physically you may feel lethargic, even exhausted, you may experience symptoms such as headaches or body aches, or suffer from changes in your sleep patterns and eating patterns.
Postponing (procrastinating, avoiding, or putting-off) is a major sign that the burnout process is in full swing. Postponing as a symptom happens fairly early on in the burnout spiral. However, once it gets hold it quickly begins to infiltrate all areas of your life.
If you are feeling constantly and completely exhausted, running on empty, stretched to snapping point, and maybe even lying awake at night wondering if you can do it all again tomorrow, that's not " just stress", that is burnout.
Highly sensitive managers and employees can provide crucial competitive advantages for organizations. The business world