Hip hop music

Punk in Peru, rap in Korea? We reveal the types of music most revered on this planet.
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Professor Elemental has almost single-handedly made 'chap-hop' famous. It's a wonderful mix of catchy hip-hop tunes and rap done in a classically English accent. His songs brilliantly essay being British, with all its good sides and bad.
Step forward, Jordan Bijan of Brampton, Ontario. For you are our Impressive Child Of The Day. Yes, not only is Jordan a consummate
I got a call on my day off my from a producer at Sky News- who asked if id be willing to come in a talk about that evenings Mercury Music Prize. I jumped in a cab an hour later to go chat to news anchor Dermot Murnaghan about it. The Mercury Prize is one of the most respected music awards in the UK.
The music video is alive and kicking. There are few art forms that can reach that many people that quickly, and while MTV may no longer be broadcasting wall-to-wall music videos, YouTube has taken its place. The combination of a good track combined with great visuals seems to resonate globally, and the great thing about YouTube is that it's totally democratic.
Hip-hop star Kanye West has been courting Middle Eastern millionaires to invest in an upcoming film project. The rapper is