Yesterday I returned to Manchester after four days at Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire. Wilderness, for those of you who
A model has endured 100 years worth of Italian make-up and hair trends in an incredible one minute video. She begins in the
I, like many other agnostic young people living in the spiritual void of modern Britain, flirt with the idea of spirituality. As a spiritual dilettante, I reluctantly stretch through the odd yoga class or attempt to silence the endless flow of internal chatter using occasional meditation.
On this day 11th July 1992, a range of eight ties, designed by Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, went on sale in the US President Bill Clinton bought a set. So did lots of former hippies who were now caught in the 9-5 trap and a daily humdrum life.
You can't call yourself a hippie unless you were between the age of 16 and 25 in the year 1966. These were the definitive age restrictions my grey haired yurt dwelling crustafarian friend gave me. He then explained how he could cut that down even further, a true hippy attended two crucial events.
The Health Food Store could also be called the Church of Food Righteousness...but should we expect our health food store to only sell healthy food? Merely by its name we expect it to be a place where all the criminals of the food world have been rejected but beware of what lurks, masquerading in eco packaging promising slimline happiness.
In our quest for perfection we buy fattening high fructose, testicle shrinking tofu, mouldy nuts and vitamin blocking grains. We are still rendered bloated with candida, high blood sugar, calorie overdosed and in a processed food daze. Even the foods that are actually healthy often taste so bad they could kill you in a fit of choking.
Far from wanting graduates with squeaky clean pasts and first class degrees, head of advertising giant Ogilvy has told anyone
Camp Anonymous in East Africa is intending to join the global movement known as Occupy. They've got tents, some basic sanitation