Many contemporaries have struggled to watch It’s A Sin, the grief still too raw. But I can’t help watch the show and see how closely it mirrors my own life.
“It started with whispers, rumours... almost gossip. It was terrifying, even at the beginning."
“A younger man might have said don’t put the Daleks in this, this is a serious subject."
People living with HIV are twice as likely to experience poor mental health. That’s why setting the record straight on HIV is so important.
A new study reveals 84% of people have abstained from sex outside of their household in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.
Despite the fantastic progress in HIV science, public attitudes have not kept up, Terrence Higgins Trust CEO Ian Green writes.
Donors have an undetectable viral load, meaning the virus cannot be passed on to their children.
Twenty years after I was diagnosed with HIV, I can no longer pass the virus onto my husband – the only thing that hasn't changed is stigma toward people like me.
That's despite people on effective treatment not being able to pass the virus on.
Others who have used the salon are being urged to get tested.