H&M South Africa

The retailer has made a couple of faux pas over the past couple of years, but their last one broke the camel’s back.
The store and its neighbours feared another assault by vandals, but the protestors were not allowed access to the mall.
The “coolest monkey in the jungle” is no longer your monkey. He is a proud strong man who will defeat you – by any means necessary.
'There needs to be a change of attitude within the company around issues related to race.'
AfriForum said it would lay charges of incitement of public violence against EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema and other party leaders.
"From a social responsibility point of view, it must think of what it can do to reach out to that particular market."
"Consumers remain quite selective and plain slippery about the brands they choose to pick commercial fights with."
"There’s no formula on how you should fight the oppressor; expect more action against all racists, individually and collectively this year," says Julius Malema.
Popular culture played a crucial role in disseminating these beliefs.
The EFF says it wants an audience with H&M over its ad, after trashing its stores in Gauteng.