David Beckham himself hit H&M on Regent's Street this afternoon to launch his debut underwear collection in the flesh.
You've all seen the pictures, now it's time to marvel at the first video advert for David Beckham's H&M underwear collection
They have helped make stars and history, formed political fashions and pharaohs' essentials for the afterlife and are counted as one indicator of economic boom and bust. They also stay closer to men for longer than their wives or girlfriends ever will. So, why is it that men apparently give so little consideration to their underpants?
For years outraged adults have rallied in the cry against sex and violence on TV, lambasting that the corruption of youth
With the USA following the UK lead in a move towards banning Photoshop in advertising, it's time to reflect on a groundswell of activity that finds us at All Walks Beyond the Catwalk celebrating a shift in energy.
Sometimes we love our job, purely because we get to stare at pictures like these and call it work. David Beckham has stripped
It's been the year of hysteria-inducing designer/high street collaborations. Louise Gray's beautiful range for Brora was an indisputable highpoint. Similarly Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla was top of the Christmas list. But other unions warrant less praise.
And so, after weeks of carefully-created media hype, an appearance by Prince at the Manhattan catwalk show last week, and
Donatella Versace hit Regent's Street this morning to launch the hugely-anticipated Versace for H&M collection in person
First and foremost we would like to applaud Mark Ronson, who arrived at the Versace for H&M launch in New York last night