hmv administration

Blockbuster Entertainment's new owner has said it is putting the DVD and computer games rental chain into administration
What many people aren't aware of is the hidden threat posed to your cash when you purchase a gift card. A survey by Which? earlier this year found that that one in three people believed they'd have a legal right to a refund for their gift card if a retailer went bust.
The question still remains: even after the loss making fat has been cut from the HMV cash cow, what can HMV do to get people back in store and what does this mean for the resurgent indie record shop?
Thousands of independent shops are in danger of closing in the next few years, while a review led by TV star Mary Portas
James Caan came to attention as one of the millionaire entrepreneurs in the Dragons' Den from 2007. The British-Pakistani
A former HMV worker has upended the music giant's attempts to pull the plug on his new record shop. Lawyers for the troubled
The R word - one mutter of it strikes panic to many in the UK and thousands cannot escape its terrifying grasp. It's a harsh reality that many worldwide have faced over the last few years. Things are getting better in 2013 though...or so it seems.
Another 37 HMV stores are to be shut, putting 464 jobs at risk, according to the struggling retailer's administrators, Deloitte
Deep in the heart of suburbia there's always strange tales of goings-on behind closed doors of bored housewives and the like
Staff from HMV's head office have gone rogue on the company's official Twitter account, tweeting that loyal staff are being