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There's a new dishy doc on Keller Ward.
Soap fans will recognise a familiar face popping up in ‘Holby City’ in the coming months. Former ‘EastEnders’ star Marc Elliott
The "trigger warning" has taken a world of its own in the past two years, as it now seemingly dominates FemSoc groups and Far-Left activists Twitter timelines. I have been a regular critic of this phenomenon, and have usually been decried as "insensitive" or someone who lacks empathy. But it is time to set the record straight...
I've made my complaint known - via Twitter, via Facebook and via the BBC online complaints system - and I've written this blog. BUT the damage is done. Nothing is going to be able to take away their careless portrayal of EGID to the 5 million who watched Holby City on Tuesday night.
When he's not working on MonologueSlam UK, Akingbola's own career isn't doing too badly. With Holby City behind him and Rev
Helen Flanagan in a nurses uniform? Yep, we're pretty sure that's something that a lot of her admirers would like to see
The BBC has come under fire over a 'Holby City' scene that depicted a One Direction fan threatening Little Mix star Perrie
Paul Unwin may not be a household name, but in TV terms he's a serious mover and shaker as one of the brains behind British TV's longest running medical saga, Casualty. I spoke to the amiable writer, director and photographer about his recent project, ITV's period medical drama Breathless.
Tina Hobley has revealed her 'Holby City' exit storyline will see her character of 12 years, Chrissie Williams, leave the