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This need for 24/7 media consumption, and the rise of online streaming services, poses a very real threat to the cinema industry. There is a genuine risk that we will choose back-to-back series watching in the comfort of our own home over spending extra money and travel costs to view a single movie at the local cinema complex.
Things being 'out' had a knock-on effect, of course. One of those things that seemed trivial at the time, but had a huge impact on the way we consume movies. Because if you hit the video shop on a Saturday night, you sure as hell weren't going to be able to pick up a copy of that week's big release unless you were insanely lucky.
On January 23rd, we're going to screen the movie for the public for the first time at my favourite film festival in the world, Horror-on-Sea. Then, after that premiere, we destroy that version and never screen it again.
The 16th September 1985 was a landmark moment for British film fans. Thirty years ago today, film went on sale on our high
Whether you have picked your Christmas favourites from the Radio Times or you have got your DVDs at the ready, the super
You see, when you have an inordinate stack of DVDs to get through, you almost feel like you deserve a reward for getting through some of them.
Google is planning a major push into home entertainment with a new music streaming system controlled by Android smartphones