Homeland Security

“I stood there with my hands by my side, and they started whaling on me,” said Chris David after he challenged the men on their allegiance to the Constitution.
Black Lives Matter protesters in the US have reported instances of demonstrators being grabbed from the streets by federal police in unmarked vans.
Chancellor says UK government will be "always guided by the science".
Homeland Security say they have seen an increase in subterranean smuggling routes.
Cory Brooker is skeptical that Kirstjen Nielsen doesn’t remember the president calling Africa a “shithole.”
The country’s undocumented youth made a leap of faith when they trusted the federal government with personal information that could now be used against them.
A Royal Jordanian airlines tweet unleashed confusion Monday about the ban.
As Trump has issued guidelines to speed up the removal of illegal immigrants.
A Mexican man has reportedly taken his own life almost immediately after being deported from the US. The BBC reported that
The CIA has submitted plans to wipe all the emails of every employee three years after they leave the company. Worryingly