Every week 5,500 families approach English councils for help with homelessness, but vulnerable people are being left in limbo.
“Behind these statistics are human beings, who like all of us, had talents and ambitions,” Crisis chief says.
As a rising number of Britons find themselves in 'in-work poverty', Steve and Billy tell their story of homelessness, insecure work and council failings in BBC Two's Broke.
Stratford Centre in Newham, London has become a homeless shelter in recent months as the rates of homeless rise across the city. One local group entire funded by donations is Hope for Newham, they have gone from providing meals every Tuesday night to 35 people to now feeding over 130 each Tuesday.
Austerity has been about the poor paying for the mistakes of the wealthy for years and those who are homeless have paid the most
To tackle the scourge of homelessness, support resilient communities and resolve the housing crisis it is only a Labour Government willing to deliver
Something tells me it won’t be long until the homeless are back on the streets here in Windsor
Today another man in his 40s died on the streets of London - I walked past his dead body on my morning commute without even realising
Portuguese national had submitted a job application to become a waiter.
More than 270,000 people signed a petition to stop the removal of beggars.