These are best kept outside of the fridge once they've set as the cacao butter begins to rise to the surface of the chocolate resulting in a white appearance. If you plan on storing them for longer I'd place them in a sealed container, although they never last that long!
These pumpkin gnocchi are so moreish and simple to make. They start off a little tedious but once you get the hang of them, they really are quick to have ready. I've been making this at least once a week since I started having it...
Instead, eating healthily and enjoying food generally should be fun. I believe that the first step to eating healthily is to cook from scratch and eat cleanly whenever possible. Don't surrender to the convenience of supermarket 'healthy' ready meals and try to buy unprocessed food.
No matter how old we get, we're still fascinated by custom-designed sweets. Just how do they get the word 'Portsmouth' running
After hours of experimentation with different ingredients and techniques I think I have finally found the perfect recipe which encompasses the true Scottish feel in a glass - this is my Haggis Manhattan!
Now I know it's not an easy option, especially given that a lot of hamper contents have a short shelf life, but it really is one of the those presents that makes the hair stand up on your arms. I thought I'd offer up a few ideas to include in a Christmas hamper for someone very special...
Did you know that your kitchen is already a haven for cocktail making equipment? A huge amount of people love the idea of being able to shake up their own Cosmo or stirring a deliciously dry Martini in their own home for dinner parties or even just with your partner on a Saturday night in front of the TV.
Orgeat syrup, it's delicious, it's got great colour, and these days it's definitely tropical. Even though it was a cocktail ingredient well before the Tiki craze, many people still associate it with Trader Vic Bergeron.
My friend Vivienne Webb bought a bag of avocados that she left behind. We went to the sea-gypsies area in Rawai yesterday and bought some as-natural-as-you-can-get veggies and I had some other greens in my fridge from the organic section in Villa Market.
Is your Dad a fiend for the barbecue? It's the season for it, so why not mix up a jar of 'Dad's Special BBQ Sauce' from store cupboard ingredients and present it to him with a handy basting brush.
This is a quick low down on the main components of Christmas Dinner and why we should take pleasure in every mouthful of the most anticipated dinner of the year.
Did your children eat the same meal as you. If the answer is yes, well done you. I am sure you managed to cook the meal from scratch, refused to buy... highly processed children's lunch box snacks from the chilled compartments in the supermarket and a takeaway is a rare treat for special occasion. You should be extremely proud because what you're doing is best for your kids.
'Only the pure of heart, can make good soup'. So says a little man named Ludwig van Beethoven. In fairness, I am not sure whether he is the soup expert, but his comments certainly don't say much about the makers of canned, dehydrated, pouched and chilled soups.
It is porridge season after all. In line with some other blog posts that I have been doing, I decided to check out some of the store bought 'quick' versions and see how the cost, nutritional value and convenience stacks up against the homemade variety.
Can you imagine what Christmas might be like without television, copious amounts of booze and an Xbox? If not, then it might
A free-for-all Christmas has had a surprisingly deep impact on my family and myself. It's not just that we save money, which we do, but we also approach the holidays with a sense of fun that we lost for a few years (beginning when we grew out of being children). This playfulness is a symptom of an even stronger emotional reaction--a feeling of having more than enough.
Jolie O'Dell, a technology writer with Mashable wrote the following on Twitter a couple of months ago: women: Stop making