homework help

As parents we want our children to do well in school. Children learn best when they feel safe and happy and have confidence in the adults around them. These tips don't all relate to the academic side of school but they can all play a part in ensuring your child is well supported, whether they are just starting their school life or are teenagers preparing for exams.
I know I am not alone and parents throughout the country struggle with this very challenge every week. So here's the thing - I don't have the answers but am on the journey too with a dogged determination to overcome this biggest of hurdles and try to remove the pain from homework.
Parents involve themselves in every aspect of school life, from running in every time their child has a problem, to falling over themselves to be parent helpers on school trips. And it doesn't stop at the school gate; so afraid are we of our kids making mistakes or doing things wrong that we hover over everything they do, like some kind of over-zealous quality control system.