A headteacher has asked the police to investigate a social networking site that he says allows children to anonymously bully
The number of gay teens bullied is on the rise in America as are the number of suicides. This reckless attitude towards the LGBT community by artists is their prerogative, but a public institution really should know better.
Will Young's fans have unleashed their fury on Twitter after the pop star was forced to report a follower who sent a homophobic
Teach sometimes marriage works, teach sometimes marriage doesn't. Teach sometimes single parents are stable family homes, teach sometimes LGBT couples are stable parents. Replace Religious Studies with Philosophy so that children are not taught pseudo-theology but how to critically think.
I first worked with Yorkshire comedian Charlie Chuck in 1990, before his cult-creating TV appearances on The Smell of Reeves
One of the best-known pieces of LGBT literature is Leslie Feinberg's Stone Butch Blues. The novel follows lesbian Jess Goldberg
A Liverpool church seeking to help gay men and lesbians "break free" with a 'Homosexuality Fact Sheet' has attracted widespread
We want people in countries like Nigeria to see their fellow LGBT citizens for what they really are - normal Africans who would like nothing more than the freedom to live their own lives, unmolested and unthreatened by the criminal law or the condemnation of the church or state.
Western governments should be working with LGBTI organisations and other human rights campaigners in homophobic countries to empower them to challenge sexual orientation and gender identity oppression.
Last week the Church of England Newspaper published a column by Alan Craig, the head of the Christian People's Alliance. You