I must admit that I've struggled at times to understand religious gays. God and his earthly representatives so very clearly don't want anything to do with them, and yet back they keep running to the altar or wanting to join the clergy.
Perhaps we should be asking if there is any moral justification at all for extending the full benefits of unlimited free speech to those who only wish to use this platform as a means by which to advocate the silencing of those who hold alternative views to their own, as well as an opportunity by which to incite further hatred against others?
Syria may be drawing near to a new era of free expression, but for gay Syrians one realm of secrecy will remain as compulsory and oppressive as ever.
What we conveniently forget as we attempt to drag celebrities from the closet is that just like mere mortals, they too may be struggling with their sexuality. Having an expanse of wealth and discreet rent boys at your disposal doesn't mean that you're any more ready to admit to yourself that you're gay.
October 12 in the UK is National Coming Out Day, the day when the collective force of a zillion closet doors being thrust open is enough to knock you off your feet. If someone stares intently at you and clears their throat, there's a good chance they're about to tell you they're gay - or they have a peanut stuck in their throat and are unable to speak, silently willing you to decode their desperate stare. Before you put on your best understanding face, check their airways just in case.
Perhaps we secretly miss the homophobia of days gone by, and thus are more than happy to perpetuate it among ourselves, or maybe it's all those years of being ostracised which make the gay man strive to fit in.
We need to make teachers more aware of the signs to look for in young people who are falling behind due to pressure or bullying associated with their sexuality.
While we are certainly raising a new generation of broad-minded, free-spirited youngsters, we are also somehow bringing into the world a fresh set of bigots to replace those about to head off to the great big queer-bashing convention in the sky.
You will do anything to save your life if you think you're going to be killed. When they were kicking my boyfriend, a strapping guy, down to the floor and then in the head, I thought, "That's it- we're going to die." I invented a fictional sister and kept repeating, "My little sister's at home, we really need to get home - just let us go."