honest parenting

Ahh the 80's, my childhood. I don't remember endless day trips, we just hung out in the park, did DIY bonfire nights and renditions of various musicals, so here are my top tips on how to parent like the 80's.
Whilst we are knee deep in winter and the lead up to Christmas - I am in the throes of worms. Not me personally. Nope, so far I have managed 35 years on this planet without those offensive, miniscule, vile vermin crawling around my asshole, but sadly our eldest daughter became their latest casualty.
And yet, here I am - genuinely excited at the prospect of riding a bike (most likely with a friggin trailer attached) around a hilly forest and dining in restaurants with connected soft play areas - for four whole days.
A couple of months ago I had my first break away on my own since having the girls. As in - no husband, no offspring. Just me and my best mate Jo (lovingly referred to as my "Wifey") and a gaggle of splendid women.
Sick happens. Usually when you've just put your best silk top on for a keep-in-touch work day and wanted to prove you have Totally Got It Together. Embarrassment happens. Usually when your toddler announces the person in the (broken-down?) line next to you is really old and ugly.