'Women use dating apps to feel better about themselves more than men do.'
It's time we say goodbye to the three-dates-before-sex guideline, and challenge the question as a whole.
First, you're going to need to catch some feelings.
"Thanks for the good time, but my Uber's here now."
The authors of this latest study, published in the academic journal 'Body Image', conclude that from their results, it is difficult to say which gender was more critical in their assessment of the body of a romantic partner.
I'm not exactly breaking news to you that many people love to bemoan the death of dating, and lament over the rise of... THE HOOKUP CULTURE *dramatic music plays/lightening crashes* Yes, some people -- many among our own rank -- seem to be under the impression that all we hip kids are stumbling into bed each night with a brand new Tinder match.
Being literate and enjoying full sentences can be something of a barrier on Grindr. While all those little avatars of six-packs claim to be erudite grammarians, it seems nobody is safe from that dreary "hows u??" or "heyyy mister". So when I hear that magic ping and see a headless torso wishing me "a very good afternoon, handsome" I am intrigued, interested.