The hornets prey on honeybees, which can cause huge problems for beekeepers.
A mammoth Asian hornets’ nest has been discovered for the first time in the UK - just one month after the first “killer” insects
fickr | Hunter Desportes The Red Harvester Ant, living in the Southwest of the United States, has the most toxic venom of
What’s worse than finding a hornet in your shed? A (massive) hornets' nest. What’s worse than finding a hornets' nest in
Spain's Pablo Larrazabal survived the scariest moment of his career at the Malaysian Open in Kuala Lumpur when he had to
There are fears that giant Asian hornets responsible for the deaths of six people in France are en route to Britain. The
Live something from an old B-movie, alien species such as "killer shrimp" and zebra mussels are invading Britain at a rate