horror films

Fans of the original The Evil Dead will remember the comic touches that Sam Raimi laced his screenplay with. Gone is this particular element of charm, replaced by Alvarez with a cascade of blood and self-abuse. That's not to say that it isn't entertaining.
Actress Jane Levy can laugh now, but the things they made her do for her lead role in 'Evil Dead' - a remake of the 1981
'Carrie' struck terrors into cinema-goers' hearts in 1976, with the sight of blood streaming down Sissy Spacek's sweet face
The chief problem with Dark Skies is its unfading sense of familiarity and despite a few red herrings, horror fans will have little trouble joining the dots from the off. The film is littered with genre clichés, and the obligatory twist is immediately foreseeable from the glaring contrivances in the plot.
Mama, directed by debutante Andres Muschietti is based on his short film and boasts a truly impressive cast of actors, including Oscar-nominated Jessica Chastain.
Ninety years ago this month, the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in the Valley of the Kings. Instantly, Tutmania swept around the world. A decade later, the dead pharaoh arrived in Hollywood and changed the shape of the horror film for ever.
Halloween is the time to dig out the scariest films lurking in your attic and frighten yourselves with tales of vampires
Watching a horror film can burn the same amount of calories as spending an hour washing windows - and is infinitely more
'Paranormal Activity 4' has accidentally been shown to a cinema full of children hoping to see 'Madagascar 3'. The terrifying
It doesn't take an expert to work out that the darkly inventive minds behind The Cabin In The Woods belong to fans of horror