Horse Meat scandal

Asda spaghetti bolognese has become the latest product to be withdrawn from sale after it was found to contain horse meat
Three men have been arrested by police the horse meat scandal. Two men were arrested at a meat processing plant near Aberystwyth
I can exclusively reveal that the Pope has resigned because the body of Christ has been found in a ready meal.
MPs have called for more testing of food safety and composition, describing the scale of contamination in the meat supply
Agriculture ministers have agreed on a three-month programme of DNA testing of processed meat across the European Union as
The hunt for horse meat in the food chain will be widened to include chicken, pork and lamb, the Food Standards Agency has
A food waste "catastrophe" is being created by the horse meat scandal, experts have said. Findus has confirmed that 180,000
We should perhaps be grateful that the scandal has, indirectly at least, shone a light on a murky, cross border trade in live horses that is as complex as it is secretive. Unknown to most, as many as 65,000 live horses are trucked around Europe each year to feed demand for a meat.
Tesco has became the latest firm to drop a major supplier after discovering a range of spaghetti bolognese ready meals contained
The scandal which has inevitably been dubbed "HorseMeatGate" raises a number of pertinent questions. How could horse meat