It was my first time to Hong Kong and I didn't really know what to expect before arriving. After taking a quick trip to Google, the city appeared as tall buildings, bright lights and a scattering of boats.
A teenager from a famous racing family has crushed to death when her horse fell on her, as her parents watched on from the
An elderly cancer patient has died just hours after she was granted her final wish to be reunited with her favourite horse
It is believed Kit was taken to Beckie Warner's garden in the bucket of a JCB and dumped on her lawn Police and the RSPCA
A horse has been killed after it bolted on to a major motorway and collided with a number of vehicles. Police received reports
Thousands have signed a petition to give the horse that kicked N-Dubz star Dappy in the face a Brit award. A petition is
It was an unbridled disaster that caused a right mare for Tesco, but now the horse meat scandal is set to be immortalised
It was one of the only fast-food corporations to avoid the taint of the horsemeat scandal, but now McDonalds is caught up
As a little girl, I had always dreamed of a big white wedding. As an adult, it seemed out of the question. I never experienced a light-bulb moment when I decided I was gay. There are so many layers to sexuality, it took a while to peel them off one by one...
After a particularly bad beating it was Dusty who finally helped to put me back together like a broken jigsaw. I have been greatly strengthened by my profoundly insightful equine teacher, walking beside me in my times of need.
Grand National winner Auroras Encore has been welcomed at his local pub following his triumphant return home. The 66-1 outsider
Outsider Auroras Encore has won the Grand National at odds of 66-1. Winning jockey Ryan Mania tweeted only yesterday he was
Tesco has withdrawn its 'Simply Roast' frozen meatloaf after tests revealed it contained between 2% and 5% horsemeat, it
Horse meat has been found in the minced beef served in school dinners in Leicestershire, a council has confirmed. The council
So how could anything be labelled as 'halal', or the more pointed 'slaughtered without stunning', if we didn't know what was in it? We are right to be concerned: what else might be in our food if we can't trace (or criminals are circumventing) the supply chain? Once you ask that question, you won't look at the meat on your plate in the same way ever again.
Horse meat contaminated with veterinary drug bute is believed to have entered the food chain in France, the French ministry
Birds Eye is withdrawing three beef ready meals from sale in the UK and Ireland. The move follows tests that found 2% of
More than a month after equine DNA blighted burgers in British and Irish supermarkets, the horse meat scandal has now hit
Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has already insisted there is an 'international criminal conspiracy' behind the horse
The horse meat scandal has highlighted the tortuous supply chain of the ingredients used in some cheap British food products