Hot air balloon

"The man who was operating the hot air balloon tried to land and unfortunately because of the strong winds he crashed to the ground".
A dad surprised his two daughters before their morning lessons by landing his hot air balloon near their school. Adrian Brown
Around two and half hours from London, on a direct flight, Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, is good value, and there's lot's to do, including flying a hot air balloon over the city.
A hot air balloon had to make an emergency landing in a busy street causing mayhem - but the pilot said it was the safest
A hot air balloon has crashed to the ground after striking power lines, injuring the two men on board. The accident happened
WARNING: this video contains footage of the balloon crash that some viewers may find distressing Three Britons are among
Pictures of the crash in February 2013 taken by tourist Christopher Michel Following the 2009 crash, early morning hot air
Three Britons are believed to be among 19 tourists killed in a hot air balloon crash near the Egyptian city of Luxor. The
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In the evening, after dark, there's what's known as the Nightglow. They inflate around 30 balloons and then fire them up in time to the music. Imagine a real-life Pinball machine and you'll get the idea.