Hot cross buns

Avoiding meat on Good Friday is one of the oldest Easter traditions.
Make your friends and family very happy this Easter with my easy hot cross bun recipe with dark chocolate chips. The recipe takes time and patience, but your effort and kneading will be rewarded with these light and fluffy buns. They are best served straight out of the oven, or toasted with a little butter spread on them. You will need a pastry brush, piping bag, 1cm piping nozzle and flat baking tray for this recipe.
I can't pinpoint when my love affair with biscuits started but my workplace is very well versed in the tea and biscuits department and I could often chomp my way into double figures without even noticing.
The English Defence League has been mocked after falling for a fake story that a bakery was producing hot cross buns without
If you're in despair about the impending hot cross bun price hike, fear not. Put that bag of raisins at the back of your cupboard to good use with Lisa Roukin's handy recipe.
Hot cross buns aren't necessarily hard to make, they're just a little time consuming. The yeasted dough likes to sit about, lazily getting fatter and fatter until it's knocked back down ready for it's second growth. Don't let the hands off time put you off, just choose a day when you're in the house anyway.
Hot cross buns could prove a costly Easter treat under the government's proposed VAT plans, with the bun the latest British
Every holiday and religious celebration comes with a menagerie of delights for foodies, and even though Easter is only just approaching, supermarket shelves have been packed full of spiced hot cross buns and Cadbury Mini Eggs for months - and in some cases, they never stopped.