Hot yoga

The saying, 'life begins at 40', has never been more true as we continue to see exponential increases in how long people
Yoga has given us a model for working with all these apparent conflicts in the human psyche. When we direct our practice at chakra centres, we are working directly with our own internal confusions and misunderstandings - the same ones we see written large across human culture.
In fact, the whole idea of 'detox' is a myth. Our bodies already deal with toxic chemicals in the body on a daily basis, through organs like the liver and kidneys. We also possess an excellent body-wide system, the lymphatic system, that eliminates cellular debris and waste from the body.
The more you practise, the deeper you go, you begin to break patterns in life that no longer serve you, you find a deeper peace in life as you take your practise out of the hot room and all the alignment you find in the yoga, you bring to your daily life.
You may have worked hard during the warmer months to live healthier and actively and so it requires more effort and willpower to keep going, especially as the hot chocolate, steamy puddings and cosy evenings beckon.
Hot yoga has been a, er, hot fitness trend for a while now, and that's because it's a challenging but fun way to give your muscles a good old stretch, and give your mind a rest from the mentalness of everyday life. If you've never tried it before, the thought of stretching in a very hot room probably seems a bit daunting, so here are some tips to ensure you turn up prepared...
Hey yoga bunnies! Are you tired of doing the downward-facing dog in the same old gym? Well worry not, we've got just the
With autumn approaching, it is time to take action against the common cold. Hot Yoga 1, Nasty Cold 0...