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Fatboy Slim has become the first DJ to "play" the Houses of Parliament. The legendary turntablist was right here, right now
MPs are failing to settle their bar bills after wining and dining in the Commons, it has been revealed. Some have run up
Well, it was only a matter of time before British MPs got in on the Harlem Shake craze, wasn't it..? (Made for Huffington
MPs can breathe a sigh of relief - the parliamentary chefs have not been serving them horse meat. And the canteens serving
So we have received the news that Richard III fans have been waiting for. The skeletal remains found last year in Greyfriars car park in my Leicester South constituency are indeed those of Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England.
Antiquated as it is, parliament is sometimes liable to the odd structural mishap. In one such case, Labour MP Ben Bradshaw's
Scenes in Hollywood blockbusters could be filmed inside Big Ben’s clock tower under plans to save parliament money. The Palace
Unlike Cameron - unlike any other Conservative in the last 15 years - the Mayor of London is a winner. To get elected once in a Labour-leaning city is no mean feat. To do so twice is a very impressive achievement indeed (as is not totally cocking the job up in between).
Parliament could be relocated for up to five years whilst essential repairs are made, according to commons officials. Whilst
Like many people, my instincts favour reform, but in practice I think that the House of Lords is currently doing a rather better job than the House of Commons, and any reforms are likely to weaken its ability to hold the Commons to account.