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Aung San Suu Kyi appealed to Britain "as friend and an equal" to support the people of Burma in their drive for democracy
Sinn Fein MP for Mid Ulster Martin McGuinness is to resign his seat in the House of Commons, forcing a by-election, as part
So, we're in a recession, we have high unemployment, our neighbours in Europe are in a crisis that seemingly has no end, in Syria men, women and children are being raped and murdered, so what our parliamentarians need to spend their time doing is renaming the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster.
Aung San Suu Kyi has arrived in Thailand – the first time the opposition leader has left Burma in 24 years. The 85-minute
Her Majesty is not known to like public speaking, but sees it as a duty that she must perform. The government of the day writes the words of Her Majesty's speech, and as 'head' of the government she simply reads them - regardless of whether she agrees with the finer details.
MPs are seeking to block new rules that could see them punished for indiscretions in their private lives. A revised Code
A parliamentary bar has reacted after a beer deemed to be "sexist" was pulled from its taps by installing a new flavour - Kangaroo
John Bercow has reassured MPs that he is "not worried" by reports that Parliament is slowly slipping into the river Thames
Guy Fawkes's failed plan to blow up Parliament should be marked with a prominent Westminster plaque, an MP said. Labour's
The former head of MI5 has been chosen to sit on a panel that will decide the fate of a former parliamentary researcher accused