With the Christmas tree twinkling in the corner and presents piled high, the last thing on your mind is moving house... however
There is certainly a shortage in social housing. Almost 1.9million households are in need of a social home, more than half again of the almost 3.7million socially-rented homes currently occupied. The solution to that is not to threaten people with eviction in an arbitrary amount of time. Nor is it to ban local authorities from granting secure, long-term tenancies for people in social housing where they see they are beneficial.
Estate agency has, until very recently, been a very localised service. Its limitations to buyers and sellers have consistently
When your family is growing and space is getting tight, many families consider moving out of the neighborhood they've come
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Establishing a definitive strategy with regards to property and estate agency legislation is no straightforward matter. The fact that house prices are influenced by market forces will always mean that tinkering with the system is inherently complex and, indeed, risky.
Labelled as, 'The Jilted Generation' shocking research released yesterday by The Office for National Statistics has indicated that just 1 in 10 under-25s will now be able to get onto the property ladder as house prices continue to rise at an alarming rate.
Average house prices in Britain have jumped at their fastest annual pace in seven years to hit a new record high, official
Bank of England governor Mark Carney has dismissed Vince Cable's call to cap mortgages at three-and-a-half times a house
Mark Carney boasted that the Bank of England was acting on fears about Britain's roaring housing market by forcing lenders
The Bank of England has admitted that its latest measures to rein in Britain's roaring property market will have "minimal