housing benefits

When I was younger, I claimed housing benefit and JSA solidly for a year. I did it so I could live in a place where I could find a job I could turn into a meaningful career, a meaningful existence. I grew up in an area short of prospects, short of jobs. I did not have parents who could fund a year long series of internships. I had to rely on the state to get me on my feet.
Tory minister Kris Hopkins has defended saying that it would be "perfectly legitimate" for private landlords to evict tenants
Did soaring immigration under the last Labour government cost British workers their jobs? That was the message from Iain
Despite claiming to stand up for hard working families, Mr Osborne's measures are hitting the working poor as well as the allegedly feckless where it really hurts. If the government truly wants to represent working families, it needs to take a different aim to reduce welfare spend.
The government has been warned not to "sweep away" safety nets preventing people from falling into homelessness, as a charity
When Iain Duncan Smith defends the Universal Credit in front of the Work and Pensions Select Committee this afternoon, most people will focus on the scheme's overall viability. But even if the Universal Credit does get off the ground, it currently leaves claimants to either sink or swim.
I share an ambition with the communities secretary to provide more affordable, more sustainable homes for the future. The question is, at a time when private sector rents are set to rise by 20% over the next five years, how are we going to achieve this?
Councils around the UK could roll out a scheme pioneered by Westminster Council, in which those who work are prioritised