Housing bubble

I'm going to cut to the chase; the next few years are going to see London's infrastructure stretched to breaking point, and the next Mayor of London has a colossal job on their hands to prevent the capital's vital services and infrastructure from bursting at the seams.
Hurrah: the British economy is now bigger than it was before the crisis! We're doing much better than our critics predicted and better even than our competitors. It's yet more proof that our austerity policies were right all along. Vote Conservative next year.
You struggle, scrimp and save, and battle against all the odds to somehow obtain that illusive dream of homeownership...your very own piece of Britain. But as a nation we are under siege, surrounded by an invading army waiting to steal away that which we worked so hard to achieve. This grim hoard hails from the land of HMRC and its army is inheritance tax...
London's housing bubble may naturally deflate as buyers start to baulk at ever-increasing house prices, the boss of Britian's
London's continuous house price increases are reminiscent of a "bubble" that will end up leaving thousands of young people
Britain's booming housing market represents the "biggest risk" to the economic recovery, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney
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Over the last twelve months, short-sighted plans like the government's coveted Help to Buy scheme have caused excessive price inflation - and if the Chancellor doesn't do something to restrain demand, that bubble is soon going to blow up in his face.
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