Housing Prices

While "Leave" has won the day, we believe that for the UK housing market in general and Property Partner in particular, the watchword is "Remain". It is going to seem like a helter-skelter for all markets for the next few months, but the medium and long-term prospects for UK residential property remain strong. In the end, people need somewhere to live.
The gap between supply and demand of housing is growing, pushing up prices and rents. Graduates are being priced out of the capital and first-time buyers are finding it more and more difficult to save a deposit.
Now that the political spectacle once dubbed 'the most un-predictable election in history' is over, and the Tories are at the head of their first majority government since the 1990s, what will they do to deal with the UK's housing crisis?
If the thought of flat-shares and rented accommodation conjures up images of student digs and Pot Noodles, think again. As
It's currently easier to run a successful business than it is to buy a flat as a young person starting out on the property ladder. A 10% deposit of £20 or £30 grand just isn't realistic for those on average incomes, nationally £26k a year.
Shared ownership is simple and it works. I feel passionate about it and its ability to help first time buyers who can't otherwise afford to buy a home.
Students are facing an average weekly rent bill of almost £70 this autumn, with some paying more than £100, research suggests
Today I'll get straight to the point. The British public needs to fall out of love with housing as an investment and start looking at their homes as being a place to live.
Gumtree notifications are my new best friend and my worst enemy. Before work, during lunch, when I get home in the evening, I spend my time scouring the pages for a flat within my budget and without scary photos attached. Anyone who has ever had to search for a flat in London knows just how excruciating it can be to find something suitable, safe and affordable.
Home buyers pay a typical "premium" of nearly £50,000 to live in a spa town, research has found. House prices in spa towns