housing shortage

As a supporter of the remain campaign of course I believe that Brexit was the wrong decision for our country. However, while I feel disappointed by the outcome, I am also a realist. And I am determined to make the very best of the situation at hand. After all, where there is uncertainty and upheaval, there is always opportunity.
Concurrent policies to build 200,000 starter homes are to be applauded, but given the dismal record of housebuilding over the last decades, perhaps the applause should be put on hold until some front door keys have actually been handed over. Otherwise, how odd to focus energy on encouraging those with a subsidised roof over their heads also to own it, at a stroke removing availability to others in need.
This policy might buy the Conservatives some votes, but at a heavy cost to the country as a whole. If thinking this makes me a dour communist, paint me red and call me Karl.
Without a doubt, one of the most frustrating elements of renting a home can be feeling a lack of control over its decoration
So what can be done? There is no international human rights court that can force the UK to comply with its human rights obligations.