how to deal with anxiety

The reaction to the first panic attack is then one of alarm and catastrophe.Thought of heart attack, madness, mental breakdown and imminent death and destruction goes through the mind, a far cry from the innocent message the body is actually giving. The body is tired not dying, the mind is exhausted not cracking up.
Anxiety is a disease of the mind but it's not ALL in the mind. Telling someone having a panic attack to 'calm down' is frankly insulting. But I understand completely why some colleagues, and especially small business owners, don't or won't take it seriously.
Once we are more readily in touch with or conscious of the thoughts and feelings that trigger an anxious response, it may be that we are in a better position to start voicing them to someone we can trust. Often even just the verbal acknowledgement that we are feeling a negative emotion can have a hugely healing effect.
Anxiety is one of the rising mental health conditions in the UK, yet research from The Priory Group ahead of Mental Health
Since I've practiced these steps I've discovered lightness and ease that has replaced the anxiety. I now see that my need to try and control the future left me no room to enjoy today. The drive to control every outcome has left me, yet nothing outside has changed. I had been trying to find happiness but instead I've learnt to be free of unhappiness.
Have you ever felt like you are losing touch with yourself? Or have you ever felt like you do not know yourself anymore? Losing connection to one's inner drive and motivation is common and often brings people to counselling or therapy. Do you recognize any of the following?
This summer, we had a wake-up call. Or rather, we would have had one, if we weren't worrying about the number of things going
According to recent research by Michigan State University, female brains in a state of anxiety work much harder and are more