how to sleep better

Insomnia is now recognised as a significant public health issue and recent estimates suggest that one in three UK adults find it difficult to fall asleep or to stay asleep, whilst around half of these cases sleep so badly that they experience problems functioning the next day.
One of the most common problems I encounter with clients is poor quality sleep. Either they have difficulty in getting to sleep or wake in the night or too early or are just not getting a satisfying refreshing sleep.
Seriously, Mr Cameron, can this be a law? I'm sure a siesta Bill can be passed. Let's look at the benefits for a moment: power naps = more productive brain activity, it makes us happier, healthier, reduces stress, which in turn is good for our cardiovascular systems - less strain on the NHS.
Lights off, bra off, perhaps some soothing whale music: there are many components that make up the perfect nap. But if you
Today, we get an extra hour in bed, so naturally it's been proclaimed National Sleep In Day. Luckily, our trusty bloggers
Despite the health benefits of sleep, one in three of us don't get enough, according to research by the British Heart Foundation
When I wrote Relax In A Minute, the chapter people asked about more than any other was the one on sleep. I was surprised at just how many people struggle with dropping off and sleeping deeply. So is it possible that eating fruit before bed could possibly help?
Do you sleep better at night when you have someone else in your bed? According to a growing body of research, you're not
If you love watching the calm, sea waves swishing around your feet on holiday, you could soon experience this blissful feeling
I can't sleep. Claire, my business partner, can't sleep. I'm waiting for the time when we call each other at 3am for a chat