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Picture this: you're trying to impress your mate with a new (and rather adventurous) recipe. You've got a thumb of ginger
Move over soya milk, there's a new kid on the block. Almond milk is crazy-delicious and favoured by the likes of hipsters
As demonstrated by a man who appears to be Russia’s answer to Bear Grylls... (Via LiveLeak)
Want to play the piano, but don't know how to play the piano? No problem! Just watch this lesson, courtesy of Sam Tucker
Well, 21 seconds, to be precise. But, hey - we're still inordinately impressed by the chap in this new viral video, whose
Three things strike us about this video: 1. How did they discover this trick? 2. Isn't it brilliant? 3. Doesn't the boy sitting
Are you looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift? Did you forget to buy flowers on the way home and/or don't live anywhere
Want to know how to eat corn on the cob? Well, here's the drill... No, really. Here's an actual drill. Click play to find
Oh, How To Basic, how we love you so. Always there with a helpful instructional video on how to do all kinds of things, from