Howard League For Penal Reform

The Ministry of Justice has marked World Book Day today with a tweet that describes how reading could help rehabilitate prisoners
Three quarters of prisons that hold adult men - some as young as 18 or 19 - are overcrowded... If the problem is going to be solved it requires a mature attitude by ministers and a recognition that there is indeed a problem.
A prison has introduced a strict dress code - for visitors. HMP Oakwood's directive was compared to Saudi Arabia by prison
Two children had their arms broken from staff use of force and there were high levels of violence and a number of routine
Prison reform campaigners have called for urgent action at Britain's news private jail, which has been put into "lock-down
Prison reform body the Howard League is launching the first ever study of sex in prison, it was announced on Wednesday. The
The prison population reached a record high on Friday, despite reports last week that prisons were only about 1,800 inmates
Riot convictions have taken the prison population to another record high, leading to warnings of possible overcrowding from
The number of prisoners has reached an all-time high, official statistics showed on Friday afternoon. Ministry of Justice