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The rural economy faces significant challenges that do not arise in urban areas. This has contributed to a rural recession which is different in tone to that in urban areas. It is characterised by longer-standing levels of low economic activity and an older profile of employment.
In the US from 1900 to the present, the rates of both suicide and homicide have risen significantly, to epidemic levels, only after Republicans were elected to the presidency. And those epidemics have ended and been replaced by below-average violent death rates, only after Democrats gained the White House.
Time travel was invented for festivals like How The Light Gets In (HTLGI). It's a maddeningly exciting place. Maddening because there's so much to see, hear, and taste, more than even the greediest of festival-goers could swallow, more than it seems possible to fit into one festival.
Can we separate thinking from being? I'd suggest that thinking, rational and irrational, is part of being, that thinking implies language, and that language is a primary instrument for giving expression to sensation and experience.
It is often said (and even more often suggested) that human rights are difficult because there are bad people who don't want
So, here's a thought: without the trolls, the internet wouldn't be worth having. No doubt you've heard by now that anonymous commenters who are destroying the web, vicious trolls who are gleefully trampling on the virtual communities that other people have calmly and carefully built from the electronic ground up. And that's where I'd say we have it all wrong. The internet doesn't simply encourage trolls, it thrives precisely because of them.
Ever since machines were invented, it has been speculated that we too are machines. The rise of molecular biologyand molecular
We often see this with readers who believe poets have hidden messages in their poems. This is the kind of reader who has been taught - often in school - that meaning is something that poets deliberately and sadistically withhold, and that what we have to do to the poem is ... batter a confession out of it.
Loneliness saps the will to live and can be a major cause of depression, as one 80-year-old lady told me "I wake each morning, get dressed, and sit on my bed waiting for death. I have nothing else to look forward to." ChildLine has proved, as Samaritans proved before it, that an anonymous helpline can break through the barriers of shame or fear. So I suggested that The Silver Line might do the same for the older generation, and enable callers to disclose not just their loneliness, but incidents of neglect and abuse they dared not admit to anyone else. And so it has proved.
The cover of the March edition of the Harvard Business Review confirms it all. An array of coloured fishing hooks dangle down to the caption: "Advertising that Works: How big data is transforming the art of persuasion."