HRH The Prince of Wales

This week will see the launch of an unusual new communications initiative on climate change. Led by none other than His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, it comes in the form of a new Ladybird Book on the subject. It's for adult readers and couldn't be more timely.
After a busy and successful year, Mosaic, HRH The Prince of Wales' mentoring initiative that is now proudly part of The Prince's
It's a time of change for the UK and for Mosaic as we settle into our new home. However, there's one thing I am certain about: the next twelve months are going to be our most successful yet!
With both Mosaic and The Prince's Trust sharing a very similar purpose - to help disadvantaged young people to overcome their barriers and move towards education, employment and training - it was agreed earlier this year that Mosaic and The Prince's Trust would move towards integration
I can only urge you to think of your grandchildren, as I think of mine, and of those billions of people without a voice; those for whom hope is the rarest of sensations; those for whom a secure life is a distant prospect. Most of all, I urge you to consider the needs of the youngest generation, because none of us has the right to assume that "for our today they should give up their tomorrow." On an increasingly crowded planet, humanity faces many threats - but none is greater than climate change.
In recent months, there seems to have been an increase in the frequency with which the word 'mentor' is cropping up in policy
In the time it has taken you to click on this page, wait for it to load, and read the title (let's say five seconds) fossil
When I established Mosaic back in 2007 it was my hope that we might be able to encourage young people in the United Kingdom to realize their talents and potential. I hardly dared hope then that Mosaic would go on to develop an innovative International Leadership Programme which now touches the lives of young people in eighteen different countries. I have long believed that today's world poses challenges to all of us that can only be resolved by effective and sustained partnerships across national boundaries. Climate change, poverty, violence and instability can only be tackled by individuals coming together from across the globe.
It sometimes feels that a week doesn't pass without a high profile example of business falling short of the standards expected by customers and wider society. In light of the tax controversy involving one of our biggest banks that continues to dominate headlines - this latest poll perhaps comes as no surprise.
For many people, and especially those living in the developed countries, the freshwater that flows from our taps could hardly be taken more for granted. So accustomed have we become to safe and reliable supply that we rarely ponder what makes this basic essential of modern life possible. It is essential we protect future water security. This is in relation to the importance of integrated approaches and joined-up solutions. Maintaining future water supplies is bound up with a wide range of other challenges, including climate change, energy security, food production, continuing population growth, urbanization and rising living standards.