HSBC bank

HSBC threatened to relocate its headquarters outside the UK on Friday, a move floated by the Chairman Douglas Flint in response
HSBC chief executive Stuart Gulliver has admitted the banking giant "disappointed" last year after its annual profits slumped
David Cameron is "rotten" and a "dodgy prime minister surrounded by dodgy donors", Ed Miliband said during a highly personal
The Conservatives have mounted a robust defence of their former ministerial colleague Stephen Green, who was chairman of
Britain's biggest bank HSBC helped clients cheat the UK public purse out of millions of pounds in tax by using Swiss bank
Two big banks have been criticised for telling small business customers they must open an account with them in order to obtain
Britain's biggest bank HSBC has warned over the dangers of "unwarranted risk aversion" as bankers seek to protect themselves
Britain's biggest bank HSBC is closing a range of Muslims groups' bank accounts after deeming that continuing to manage them
Britain's big banks should not expect to get back the customers they lost after the banking crash due to the scale of the
The chief executive of HSBC will reportedly receive a bonus package of around £2 million, despite the bank being forced to